What to Do With Somalia and Somaliland ?

Washington, 28 June 2009 (Somalilandcurrent) — The Problems plaguing Somalia show no sign of abating in the near future.

It seems that every other day there has been a Bomb Explosion in Mogadishu killing dozens of people or requests made by the Transitional Government for Assistance have been falling on Deaf Ears.

Is there any hope for the Horn of Africa?

For Almost 20 years Somalia has been in a State of Anarchy. Two Previous Attempts by the United Nations to restore a functioning Government have failed and currently a third attempt is not promising.

Piracy has been a Major Concern amongst the International Community as the Gulf of Aden is a Chokepoint amongst the Shipping Lanes of the World.

Islamic Militants who have been linked to both Al-Qaida and Eritrea have been battling Government Forces in and around the Capital Mogadishu. And in recent day days in a High Profile Incident 4 thieves suffered Cross Amputation for their Crimes.

As a result of the latest fighting 250 people have reportedly been killed and 170,000 have been displaced. The US Government has seen fit to send 10 tons of Arms to support the Somali Government.

The Crisis in Somalia seems to be getting worse.

In the near future a Conference will be held in Washington, DC regarding the Future of Somalia.

What is interesting is for the First Time Somaliland will be asked to attend. However they will not attend due to the fact that they have been invited as a Province of Somalia not as an Independent State which they claim to be.

In another Interesting Fact Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti were not invited to take part in the Washington Conference.

For Several Years now the Somaliland Region has been attempting to have the Independent Community state that they are a Country. In 1998 the Somali Government tried to prevent the region from seceding by Force but was unsuccessful.

After a Meeting with US Officals at the Embassy in Nairobi the Somaliland leadership decided not to attend because their concerns would not be on the Agenda. That is a Legitimate Concern.

The Leaders in Hargeysa don’t want to be lumped into a Solution that may end up being a detriment to Somaliland. After all the Region will be announcing which companies were able to purchase Gas and Oil Exploration contracts this fall. The region does not have a problem with Piracy either.

In the Long Run the US may be making an Error by not increasing contacts with Hargeysa. On this note the Obama Administration deserves some praise. Unlike Previous Administrations they have been talking to Somaliland.

Source: Confused Eagle


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