WARYA TV Gave Massive Coverage Of Silanyo’s Visit to Sweden

The Stockholm based Warya TV gave unprecedented coverage to KULMIYE opposition party leader, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo’s recent visit to Sweden.
The less than two-year-old Warya TV gave its audience a constant video and audio streaming broadcast from the various events making Silanyo’s two-day visit to Sweden as the most viewed Somali event in the history of cyberspace.

Warya TV website experienced an unprecedented user traffic levels in the first day of the event when Silanyo was being presented a gold medallion, the first of its kind, for his unflinching devotion and undaunted courage as the leader of the Somali National Movement (SNM) guerrillas that waged armed struggle against the military junta of the late Mohammed Siyad Barre, ending Barre’s 21 years of iron-fist rule in Somalia.

Warya TV recorded a phenomenal 180,000 hits in the first day of Silanyo’s visit to Sweden alone, which stands testament to the popularity of the former guerrilla leader among the Somalilanders in the Diasporas.

The pictures and video footages coming from Warya TV from the moment Silanyo set his foot on Stockholm-Arlanda Airport to the moment of his departure awed many who have witnessed the event. After his warm reception in London last month, Silanyo has been just as enthusiastically greeted – by politicians and Somaliland population alike – on his arrival in Sweden.
“Silanyo may have enjoyed a celebrity-like status that no Somali leader had enjoyed since the downfall of the last Somali government but, in fact, it was the Somalilander-Swedes who basked in the glory of a two-day visit by a man who is seen by many as a symbol of the struggle for Somaliland’s freedom,” said Kasim Abdulkadir, Director of Warya TV.

Warya TV also covered the highly publicised 18 May Somaliland Independence Day celebrations in Stockholm, which the Swedish Foreign Minister’s wife, Anna Maria Corazza Bild, and other dignitaries attended. The pictures and videos appeared in the popular Swedish.



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