The end of Siyad Bare's disciples in Somaliland

Tuesday,Sept 15,09 (SomalilandPress)-Somaliland’s infant Democracy is on the brink of collapse! The courageous people of Somaliland have been betrayed by few of Siyad Barre’s disciples. These thugs who never believed in the independence of Somaliland have simply taken charge of Somaliland.

These are the people who were at the forefront of the destruction of the country when Barre’s military was waging indiscriminate warfare against the people of Somaliland.

Their participation of the genocide on the Issaq People is well documented. Now, they are at it again! They are sowing the seed for another civil war, because that is what they know best. And they believe nothing will happen to them, after all no one held them accountable for the gruesome crimes they have committed in the past.

The president’s abuse of power is beyond comprehension and to add insult to an injury, we have a parliament who is incapable to hold him accountable for his actions. IT IS A GRAVE SITUATION AND IN MY OPINION THE STAKES FOR OUR NATION ARE HIGH. The truth is that no one is above the Law and if we allow Riyaale to violate, ignore and blatantly disregard the constitution, then God help us all!

Thousands of Somalilanders have paid the highest price, their life, for the democracy and freedom we have been enjoying for the last 18 years. But If Riyale and his henchmen have their way, we are going to loose our democracy and with that our dignity.

The constitution requires president Riyaale to follow and enforce all the laws enacted by the legislative body, whether he agrees with them or not. Failure to obey the law leads to grounds for impeachment. Now rumors are spreading like wildfire that Riyaale is fulfilling Mr Ismail Omar Gelleh’s hidden agenda to destroy Somaliland once and for all, which if it is true is unlawful heinous act of treason. The people of Somaliland remain as poor, uneducated, and unhealthy as ever and instead of putting the money earned from the collection of revenues into transparent government account and using the proceeds for social services, Riyaale chose to hoard the money into secret accounts he personally controls in Djabouti and France. If the poor people of Somaliland ravaged by one of the worst droughts are dying by the thousands, Riyale does not care. Instead of solving the country’s current problems and quelling the growing inter-clan conflicts he chose to attack the House of Representatives. He ordered the police force siege on the parliament, preventing members of the parliament from entering. Then, thousands of angry protesters have taken to the streets demanding the reopening of the parliament. Police forces opened fire and gun down thousands of peaceful protesters with no reservations, which lead to the killing of at least three unarmed protesters. Nonetheless, Riyaale is responsible of the massacre of these innocent people. This was an attempt to subvert the democratic process in Somaliland by a group that hopes to gain power through violence. Some politicians who are power, position and privilege seekers are often behind those who stoke the flames of tribal conflict, particularly in El-Berdaleh.

The magnitude of the poverty is unimaginable which creates powerlessness among the citizens and that is why he was able to make people competition over meager resources which will easily lead to tensions and civil unrest. This country urgently needs a sensible leadership who will fight against poverty, illiteracy, and underdevelopment .We cannot afford another 7 years of mistrust and underdevelopment. .

Somaliland has been facing a political crisis ever since he started playing delaying tactics of presidential election which should have been held in April last year. President Riyal’s term expired more than one year ago, calling in to question his legitimacy to run the country in the meantime. The incompetent electoral Commission insisted that the second presidential election in Somaliland will take place 27th of September this year. Yes, the electoral commission is statutory body set up by Somaliland constitution in 2000 to oversee the democratic process and in particular to promote integrity, involvement, and effectiveness in our democracy. But, they only work by guidelines set out by the Somaliland constitution so if there are any breaches or flaw within the commission then it is down to the initial setting process. It is crystal clear that the current Electoral commission cannot fulfill its responsibilities efficiently, impartially and professionally, because they are not independent from the control of the authority of the President and its members are subject to too much government intervention.

The president’s term has expires September 27 and the only acceptable solution is Riyale to relinquish power a caretaker government chosen among all three parties until elections can be held. In my opinion a provisional administration should be chosen and an acting president appointed by the decision of all political parties and House of Representatives, it will then go before the Guurti to pass/approve the agreement reached by all sides.
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From 27 of September this year if there is no presidential Election in the Motherland, then every single decree issued by Riyaale’s administration is illegitimate and any decision he makes is null and void. He has no right to run the country after that date. Let’s hope this will be the end of Siyad bare’s disciples in Somaliland and we will overcome. On the other hand, our neighbouring countries policy objectives should support good governance, democratic institutions and respect for the rule of law so that there will be a healthy and an enabling environment in which the people of Somaliland can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Take care in advance,
London, UK
Yassin Hassan Abdillahi
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