Sudan Blames Egypt for blocking Ethiopia Dam loans

GERDBy Staff

Egypt is threatening Sudan’s safety by blocking international loans for Ethiopia’s hydro-dam, said Sudan’s top official of Eastern Blue Nile State Hussein Ahmad. According to the Sudanese mp, cash-strapped Ethiopia will end up shortcutting the hydrodam construction to avoid rising costs which could lead to long-term structural issues for the dam and flooding.

The Blue Nile State is located at the Sudanese border directly by the western Ethiopian region where the GERD hydrodam is currently under construction. In a scenario where the  dam collapses, analysts say Sudan’s Blue Nile State could be devastated with flooding.

The Sudanese official said “Egyptian racism toward Africa” played huge part in Egypt’s blocking of international financial aid to Ethiopia. He said Cairo cares more about control than safety since Egypt originally wanted to finance the Ethiopian dam itself. According to the SIS, Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy “offered to finance the construction of the Ethiopian Renaissance dam.”

The Sudanese official added that Khartoum will “hold Egypt fully responsible if structural failure of the dam results in Sudan’s flooding.”

He said Egypt should diversify its economy instead of total dependence on the Nile river shared by ten countries.  “No country opposed the construction of Egypt’s Aswan Dam even though that dam hurt the livelihood of indigeneous Nubian people and destroyed ancient artifacts,” he claimed.

In February this year, Sudanese foreign Minister Ali Karti has also criticised Egypt for opposing the Ethiopian Dam. The Minister accused Egyptian media of fabricating information about the hydrodam and he said the dam’s benefits outweigh any potential issues. The Europe-based Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) also recommended Cairo to pay Ethiopia as the dam is expected to save Egypt millions in expenses for sediment control and water loss due to evaporation.


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