Somaliland:We Should be a Society which Shuns Corruption

What Really Causes Corruption in Africa?

What are the causes of corruption? Why do people choose to be corrupt rather than honest? in Somaliland, corruption has been a topic of discussion and in most cases in Mosques, the Imams, are preaching and praying that corruption has to be eradicated, in classrooms, university lectures and parliaments, but has there been a discussion on what really causes corruption in our beautiful land of the brave?

It’s only by finding out the root of the problem that the main problem can be solved.

A comprehensive dossier, or reports out this week have exposed that the entire Eu institutions are all corrupt, the very people that lectures and preaches,the rest of the world about anti corruption and promoting equality transparency and accountability.

So this is not an African problem or issue any more, it is worldwide syndrome. The most corrupted country on earth is the USA, all their congress and senators are millionaires, to be politician in the USA you need to be a shrewd, business minded person. They act like gangsters talk like Mia, and steal other country’s natural resources gas, oil gold and minerals. The very people that dominate American Foreign Policy are the biggest crooks of all the U,S stock brokers, bankers arm dealers the hawks and war mongers, The C,E,O oil companies,

All they do for a living, is to sanctioning illegal and in moral wars, in order to illegally occupied sovereign countries by toppling legitimate governments in the process and replacing, with useless weak, and undemocratic hand, picked,puppet authorities the so_ called green zone protection, government, which is friendly to their Geo business interests.

Since The economic melt down caused by the bankers,of the U,S and and Europe the bankers, bail out made the already rich, richer and the poor, the poorer, forcing many families homeless, welfare cut, and unemployment is all time high in mainline Europe. So now we all know who really benefited, from the Libya and Iraq war, and subsequently controls Libya and Iraq oil fields.

, Whilst the rest of the country in Iraq and Libya falls into the hand of warlords, jihadist, extremist, and in complete anarchy. Well this is the price innocent people have to pays for the wrong doing of others, driven, and motivated, by greed, money and power, by any means necessary.

So therefore it is vitally important that we should strive and inspire to create a fair,and just society based on Islamic values, whereby, we support and look after the needy and the most disadvantage in our communities.

In conclusion Somaliland political leaders  of all parties, needs to understand  the people that  put them  in power  expect delivery and value for money not, a   cheap political point scoring,  and squabbling.

By:   Ali A. Ismail  Dheeg  Burco___ Somaliland


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