Somaliland:The Resumption of Wahabism’s Abhorrence: The Prophet’s Birth Day Festivals

Somaliland Youth Taking part in the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) Birth Day Fesitval

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Somaliland has being an Islamic country for millennium at the least. The mosque with two Kiblas of the direction towards the Jerusalem still there exists intact.  And the lavish celebrations of the birth of the prophet Mohamed (PBUH) were a great sin to miss ever since ; the country’s body of Ulimo the clergy trained in the hands of Sufist orthodox Islamic approved the virtue but when Somalia entered abysmal political turmoil everything including religion were  corrupted for material gains rather keeping religion intact. The Mowlid Nabi, the prophet’s anniversary memorial birth were ridiculed by Saudi exported cults as ‘heretic’. Later years, mysterious mini-leaflets locally known as Risalad of unauthorized source were distributed among ordinary folks to change their mind on the Mowlid, the fool mobs followed as a result of some Iftar program donated by Saudi sinners to clear off their heinous sins; the prophet’s commemoration were held in clandestine since the Wahdad’s advent, the pioneer, incubator of Somalia’s evil ideology, militancy, and terror infrastructure.

But societal shift occurred this year. Their justification for banning is not compliant to the scripture was found out. Sorry depicting religion as scientific discovery, but the things were rerouted to original context unlike the myths imposed on us.

Timoweyne’s, the genuine Somali Muftis, of financial sources of collecting some sheep to keep preaching and Qasid , set of prayers and Allah-praising songs , from their fellow sisters were prohibited by the Wahabi cult who engaged in proselytizing impoverished society to their twisted, radical dogma: much like trinity church, they introduced Islam, a religion Somalia was familiar with for millennium minimum, in new face dividing the fundamental creed  into three novel straits: Divine Ones ( Ilaah Ulaahiya), Divine Worshiping, and etc to confuse the masses. Anyway, the books they refer are even unavailable in Saudi Kingdom libraries.  

Somalia’s Sufists tried to resist the newly invading cult upon their country but they couldn’t because of huge budget they get from Oil Arabia. Somalia became target and dumping ground for any modernist cult, the cult wealthy founders live as far as Pakistan and Morocco and praise idiot followers in Somaliland . If you go to Hargaysa, you pray in the newly built mosques, you hear their fairytales of Pakistan, a country of 10% of its population are Hindus and Sikhs and yet Pakistanis are preaching in Urdu to Somalis! When Somalis did learn Urdo or Hindi Others are by bankrolled and underwrote by Saudi businessmen.  Subjugated Imams are preaching politics rather than verses or Hadith and want to prevent any foreign investor from coming into Somaliland. For instant, Swiss investor probably a Muslim as I heard, went from home country with the persuasion of his Dutch citizen of Somaliland origin to establish poultry firm in Hargaysa. Less than 6 months of his stay, he was, unfortunately and  brutally murdered while shopping at Star Café  by false heaven seeker of twisted mindset whose Imams told him to keep Somaliland at the stone age era by eating the black things Arabs in prehistoric age used to inflate their flat bellies: dates and black.

The news of the murder wildly spread all across the investment forums of the world.  Somaliland though never realized the magnitude of the disaster suffered further isolation.

There only one true preacher unfunded by anyone else but self-sufficient is  Adan Siiro, May Allah Save His Soul. His Friday sermons are relevant, not about what Saudis in medieval era are doing, and uninfluenced by biases or other factors. His enemies not just make name-calling and swearing but always try to make character assassination to silence and divert him from the truth.

This year begun with phenomenal changes:  Al-Shabab finally met their waterloo, on the other hand, the force of truth and neutrality made their voice heard by restoring Mowlid Nabi, a big day for all Muslims, bigger than 18 May or anything else we celebrate.

Some greedy Sheikhs never being trained in Pakistan tribal dirty areas or Saudi third-rate Madrasa converted to Wahabism for incentives and outlawed any activities that venerate the prophet to please their underwriter of oil firms in Arabia after Siyad Barre’s ouster. Somalis de-cultured and entered decadence .Nevertheless, many memorial ceremonies of the prophet in Somaliland were held in nation-wide untainted by fear or intimidation this time and it is very encouraging sign for the first time the birth celebration is held openly without of any fear from Islamists’ backlash and God Willing will continue next year  and forever.  

The Islamic World unified in the prophet’s respect except where few followers of Wahabism who prefer Sheikh Abdi Wahab over the prophet! Are you one of them? Love the prophet, not Sheikh Godanits or his ilk whose religion is only 15 years old from Pakistan where he embraced his cult founder Mr. Ibrahimi, a blind man from Saudi King who fell in love with creating cults.


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