Somaliland’s First Post-Graduate Business School is Met with Acclaim

ABAARSO, 25 January 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Somaliland’s first post-graduate business diploma, which was launched on January 7, has been met with tremendous acclaim. The one-year program in Applied Management offers coursework ranging from accounting, finance and management to organizational behavior and business English.

Citing the benefits of native English speaking teachers and an overall good structure of the program, general manager of NationLink, Abdulkadir Omar, declared the program “very successful.”

The premier class of just over 30 students includes engineers, executives at prominent local businesses, NGO workers, and members of government.

Local software engineer, Abdullah M. Sheikh, called the English classes “perfect.”

“We get many things that we’ve never seen before,” he said.

After establishing a solid foundation with Abaarso Tech secondary school, the developers of the program are looking to expand and educate Somalis at a wide range of levels and skills.

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“Following the model of top graduate business schools in other countries, AT’s program offers advanced courses that caters to students who already have considerable business experience in Somaliland,” said Vice Chairman Dr. Ahmed Esa. “Abaarso Tech Business School is an exciting first step in improving Somali business practices while offering a high-end educational alternative that keeps our talent home.”

Because the program pulls upon the rich experience of its students, Yusuf Osman, Chairman of Abaarso Tech, spoke of the excellent pairing of the successful business executives with this first-rate educational center.

“Our goal at Abaarso Tech is to create a center of educational excellence to train future leaders of society,” he said. “This graduate business school supplements and furthers the scope of AT’s young but growing regular academic activities. With the overwhelmingly positive response, look for AT to expand on this program down the road.”

January 29th concludes the bonus month for students. All classes will officially begin on February 1st.

AbaarshoTech Press Release


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