Somaliland:President Silanyo Meets with the CEO of Genel Energy in London

President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) has met with the CEO of a Turkish oil exploration company GENEL Energy Mr. John Hayward in London, UK Capital.

Top officials of the Turkish owned company hosted a luncheon in honor of President and entourage at the headquarters of Genel Energy in London.

During the luncheon President Silanyo spoke of the potentials Somaliland holds in terms of natural resources which currently remains unexplored by the outside world.

President Silanyo also took the opportunity to reiterate his government commitment to work with all those who are ready to invest in the country by saying “Somaliland is open for business”.

The chief executive late last year while visiting Somaliland reiterated that the company will kick off the oil exploration and in which the company pumped more than invest forty million dollars into the project. He thanked President Silanyo and people of Somaliland,he added” We(Genel) expect that the project will bear fruit and that we will successfully produce oil for Somaliland people by the year of 2014,.

The Turkish owned Genel Energy entered the farm in agreement on the 12th of November 2012 after both sides agreed to farm for 50 per cent of Jacka Resources Limited’s (“Jacka”) license interests so as to explore for and produce oil and gas in the Odewayne Block, this paves way for Genel Energy to substantially increasing its acreage position in Somaliland.

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