Somaliland:President Silanyo and his Entourage arrive in the UK

The plane carrying Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo and his delegation today arrived at the Heathrow Airport, UK.

President Silanyo and his delegation flew from the Nairobi the Kenyan capital were he had met with American Government representatives earlier this week and was welcomed by thousands of somalilanders living in London, UK government officials and Somaliland Government officials.

The Somaliland leader speaking to the cheering crowds who had gathered at the Heathrow to welcome him said,”our commitment safeguarding peace and security in the horn of Africa, both government and people of Somaliland stand shoulder in shoulder in countering any domestic threat or foreign, this can be seen in our impeccable record in fighting both piracy and terrorism”, said President Silanyo.

President Silanyo is expected to meet with high level British officials to discuss the upcoming talks between Somaliland and Somalia which are due to be held in the coming May and also to find ways to get rid of any potential risks which may eminent from Somaliland or neighboring countries.

Notable among Somaliland officials who were waiting to receive the President and delegation at Heathrow international airport were the Attorney General of Somaliland Hon Hassan Ahmed Aden, Somaliland Ambassador Hon Kayser Abdillahi Mohamed, the chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency in the UK Dr. Abdurrahman Ubahle and the Somaliland deputy Ambassador Hon Dahir Tukale.

Those accompanying President Silanyo on his visit were, the first lady Amina Jirde, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Abdillahi Mohamed Omer, Minister of national Planning Dr. Sacad Ali Shire and the director of Somaliland National Television Mr. Khadar Ali Gaas among others.

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