Somaliland:New Fishing Port expected to Generate Significant increases in Economic Activity

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Hon Ali Jama Baruud and the Minister of Finance Hon. Abdiaziz Samaale  jointly laid the foundation stone for a new fishing port as part of the renovation and modernization of a the “NET FISH” fishing facility in the port city of Berbera.

Hon. Ali Jama, the Fisheries Minister speaking at the function said, “The lives of those who depend on fishing will from today improve thanks to this good fishing port infrastructure which is essential for the conduct of commercial fishing operations and we hope this new port will would generate significant increases in economic activity from commercial fishing and a significant increase in employment.

“The fishing port was constructed some 150 years ago by the ottomans and has since had no repairs done but now  the new port will be constructed  in three stages and it will include infrastructure typical in a port operation, from water supply, power, refuelling, ice, port buildings and paved areas”, He said.

Minister of Finance Hon. Abdiaziz Samaale donate equipment to local fishermen during the function said, “Somaliland government to support in developing the sector fishing in the country, although much is needed to be done to develop this sector so as to realize the full potential of utilizing this natural resource.


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