Somaliland:Ministry of Agriculture Warns Citizen against Using Harmful Pesticides

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The Somaliland Ministry of Agriculture has in the past made several announcements on the current locust infestation affecting Red Sea coastal areas in Somaliland and which adversely affected several regions in country most notably Salal ,Awdal ,Sahil and Sanaag regions.

The locust infestation has affected and caused devastation to many pastoral lands mainly in plains namely the Giriyaad,  Lughaya,  Abdigeedi,  Eeldarad,  and Goobaare plains and the larvae left behind by locust ,army worms, have now began infesting into neighboring Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Many livestock are currently located in those areas and it’s not sagacious to use pesticides such as “MALATHION” because of the risk related with the poisonous substance cannot be sprayed without running the risk of poisoning animals, as well as the local population.

The Ministry of Agriculture therefore strongly urges the local population to refrain from hastily using the poisonous substance due to the dangers they pose to the livestock, local population but should be used through technical means.

The Agriculture Ministry is currently spraying the insects in those areas using chemicals that are not anyway harmful neither pose danger to both animals and Human beings and are effective in curbing the infestation.

The Ministry of Agriculture has in the past and will also in the future work in partnership with the FAO and DLC in the fight against the scourge.

Somaliland Minister of Agriculture

Prof. Farah Elmi Mahmoud

 Tell: 520637, Mobile: 4240042


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