Somaliland:Local Security Officials Attend the 2nd Gulf of Aden Regional Counter-Terrorism Forum meeting in Djibouti

United States Ambassador Geeta Pasi, pictured, is leading the U.S. delegation as it co-hosts with the Government of Djibouti the Gulf of Aden Counterterrorism Forum in Djibouti

By Goth Mohamed Goth

A High level security team, led by the Assistant Minister of interior in charge of Security Hon Abdillahi Abokor and accompanied by the deputy commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Abdirahman Liban Ahmed “Foole” and the head of immigration department Col Mohamed Ali Yusuf “Ina Ambaro” were among top regional security experts participating in the 3 day 2nd Gulf of Aden Regional Counterterrorism Forum US and co-hosted by Djibouti in Djibouti city.

The 2nd Gulf of Aden Counterterrorism Forum has been taking place in Djibouti this week. The 3 day meeting which begun on Monday Feb 3-Feb 6 brought together at least sixty government and security officials from Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia and Yemeni, and from the United States, to discuss regional counter-terrorism challenges.

The Forum is follow-on to the previous meeting which took place in April last year. U.S. Ambassador t


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