Somaliland:Justice and Welfare Party(UCID) leaders attend worldwide Congress of Social Democratic leaders in Cascais(Portugal).

Faisal Ali Waraabe, Chairmen of UCID Party, and Khaalid Hassan H.Mahamud, UCID Representative to Socialist International and EU, attend the meeting of the Council of the Socialist International in Cascais, Portugal.

UCID Party became a member of the Socialist International following the historic SI Congress held in South Africa September 2012. The Socialist International are holding their first meeting of its Council in Cascais, Portugal, on 4-5 February, hosted by the Portugese Socialist Party.

Under the heading “The World Economy: Our Vision for Growth, Jobs and Sustainable Development”, the Council’s agenda will address the following aspects “The Eurozone Crisis: From here, which way forward?”; “Emerging and Developing Economies in an ‘Out of Crisis’ Strategy”; and “Multilateral Institutions and other International Actors in the Search for Fair and Sustainable Answers”.

Chairmen of UCID Party, Faisal Ali Waraabe met with Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the Socialist International and with George Papandreou, President of the Socialist International and Prime-Minister of Greece, Alfred Gusenbaur, former Prime Minister of Austria. The UCID representatives met with the African block and member parties of the Socialist International.

The meeting takes place in Cascais(Portugal) from Monday 4 February till Tuesday 6 February.



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