Somaliland:Governor of Togdheer Region is said to have Quit his Post

By Mustafa Abdi Ibrahim

The Governor of Togdheer region Mr. Ahmed Omer Haji Abdillahi (Xamarje) is said to have submitted his resignation letter to President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) earlier today shortly before he left for neighboring Ethiopia.

The administrator is said to have submitted resignation letter to President Silanyo today although the reason for his decision to quit his post which he has held for nearly one year now is yet to be revealed.

The resignation of the official comes amid the recent political tensions which has engulfed the Togdheer region and the detention of the former deputy of Togdheer region Mr. Guleed Dahir for second time just two days after he was released for incitement charges.

It’s not known if President Silanyo has accepted the resignation but unconfirmed reports say the head of state told the official to hold on until he returns from Ethiopia.


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