Somaliland:Former Administrator Being Held On Incitement Charges-Police Boss

By Mustafa Abdi Ibrahim

Brigadier –General Abdillahi Fadal Iman has in an interview with the BBC Somali language revealed the reason wh y in the dead of night crack units of the Rapid Response Unit stormed the house of the former deputy governor of Togdheer region Mr. Guled Dahir Samater.

The police chief in his interview with British Broadcaster cited the reason which prompted the arrest and detention of the former administrator as being related to charges related to incitement of public  disorder in Burao some two weeks ago which lead to death one civilian.

In the interview with BBC Somali language the police commandant didn’t give further details on the matter , the detained former government official is currently being detained in undisclosed location in the port town of Berbera but his whereabouts are still unclear.



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