Somaliland:Expect a Quick Response Warns Puntland Official


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Information in the semi-autonomous of Puntland Mr. Abdi weli Hersi Abdulle Indho-guran has termed today’s capture of Taleeh town by Somaliland forces as a provocation and transgression against Puntland.

The Minister speaking moments after emerging from an emergency cabinet meeting which was hurriedly convened today said, “We shall take quick preemptive measure in respond to Somaliland aggression on Taleeh district which is part of Puntland, we strongly urge Somaliland to withdraw their troop from Taleeh without any further delay in order to avert an escalation of the current situation into full military confrontations.   

“Let them be warned (President Silanyo) that they shall bear responsibility for any consequence which may result from this invasion because it’s clear that they have being for some time now trying to instigate hostilities,”Mr. Abdi weli Hersi Abdulle Indho-guran said.


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