Somalilander’s Wants Real And Tangible Development Not Empty Promises.

It is good to travel through the country coast to coast, but for what? President of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Siranyo), started a long voyage through Somaliland by land, meeting with locals and promising development in a campaign style this week and is still travelling.


Some residents in Bulohar near Bebera city were so appreciative to receive shipment of rice from the President’s delegation and praised him to the highest level.


I was so touched by the innocence of this community and surprised how they perceived this aids arrival. They saw it as if it was the gift of the President rather than their god given rights. It is clearly shown how the Somalilander to this day and age are not informed about their rights as a citizen of this country. Sadly, they do not see the President as their public employee whom they could replace in any time.


Public requires to be educated about this and should know that it was the responsibility of the president to know their condition and hard hit areas before he took office not three years later.


Nonetheless, the President placed a stone in every town he stops and continue promising additional projects from Borome, Saylac, Lughaya, Bulahar , all the way to Lasgoreh, again it is all good, but for what purpose does this have? What is the point of promising additional projects if you couldn’t deliver or complete outstanding ones?


Ever since, this three years old administration came to power in Somaliland, there was no shortage of promises and placing stones. So many different projects were commenced in different parts of the country, but none of them had been completed as yet. Isn’t it logical and realistic to complete one task before you start the next one? Yes, but it seems in this administration, quantity of the projects started is far more important than the quantity of the finished ones.


Just to name a few incomplete projects, the road of Odweyne to Hargeysa, Hargeysa to Ina-guha, Hargeysa to Baligubadle, Hargeysa to Lughaya, and the number of road projects in Gabiley Area , Berbera to Hiis, Hargeysa to Bebera and Buro to Erigavo are somewhat under construction for the past two years.


However, the government of Somaliland sees these projects as clan driven, and does not think of themselves as having any chief responsibility except the one from Buro to Eregavo. In addition to these incomplete roads, 70% Hargeysa residence does not have any running water.


Precedential palace Minister Mr. Hirsi H. Hassan, reiterated known information about Hargeysa’s water shortage last month, but did not provide any concrete solution to Hargeysa’s water predicament. This is the most pressing issue in Somaliland today as far as the average Hargeysa resident is concerned.


Nevertheless, though there is no plan, no priority and no accountability in this government, but energy and ambition to achieve something. In order to harness this energy and focus into the right direction for whatever is left in this President’s term, President Siraanyo needs to sit down, analyze and revaluate his government’s performances.


To achieve this, he has to sit down with an independent group of economists alone with his Minister of Planning to set the priority of the nation straight and decide which project has to be first. He also needs to avoid any traces and resemblances of the past regimes, such as surrounding himself with victory pioneers, Red Pat securities personals and praises of those well wishers around him. This can cause unintended consequences if it does not come to an end as well as destroy the legacy of the presidency.


By Ali Jama


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