Somaliland:Chinese Industrialists Set to Establish a Range of Manufacturing Plants Across the Country

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa-Somaliland Ministry of Industry officials, businessmen and members of the public converged at the Egal international airport to welcome group of Chinese industrialists arrived in the country today just months after the signing of joint agreement last year to construct and establish of 20 factories in Somaliland to be funded by the Afro China Commerce Industry Group.

The head of Afro China Commerce Industry Group said, “We plan to setup and establish range of manufacturing plants here in Somaliland which produce and assembly motor vehicles, electronics, household goods, bicycles and food stuffs in parts of the country namely in Hargeisa, Tog Wajaale and Aw-barkhadle .

The Chinese industrialists had previously spent a couple of weeks last year in the country on a familiarization tour and exploring the country unexplored business opportunities and by visiting the various regions of the country said they were satisfied by both the people and the business environment which is vital for investment.

Mr. David Chin head of Afro China Commerce Industry Group said the consortium controls large, medium, and small in all branches of industry, commerce and the service sector and that they are planning to initiate a partnership in which will hence play a significant role for the industrialization and commercial development of the country.

Somaliland minister of Industries told the visiting entrepreneurs that Somaliland is open for business and that the government is welcomes and is ready to assist all those who are interested in investing in the country.


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