Somaliland:Assassination Attempt on Minister Life's Flops

Somaliland deputy minister of Energy, Water and Minerals Resources Hon Abdisalaan Mohamed Hassan has survived attempted on his life as he was touring government sponsored development programs in the eastern most districts of Somaliland.

The foiled plot was carried out by Company Strong unit from the specially trained Puntland anti-terrorism forces (PS) stationed in Eelaayo launched an unexpected attack meant to assassinate the deputy minister on Thursday night.

Resident of Las Qorey Say they were waken the sound of gun fire in the middle of the night in what appeared to be a ferocious street to street gunfight between the minister Security detail (SPU) repulsed the company strong Puntland anti-terrorism forces (PS) which had lasted for more than one and half hours.

Hon Abdisalaan Mohamed Hassan thanked the local population for exposing the plot and is currently safely in Erigavo theregional capital ofS anaag where security officials rushed him.

Hon Abdisalan Mohamed Hasan is the first high-ranking official from the Somaliland government to carry out a working tour of the Eastern Sanaag districts of Las Qoray and Badan.

Unconfirmed Reports said six would be invaders were killed in attack that there were no casualties in the aftermath of the attack.
Somaliland has in the past accused Puntland of sponsoring and supporting destabilizing forces in her territories.

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