Somaliland: Wisdom Is the Missing Ingredient in Our Government Political Value-Chain Pot

Wisdom is the highest level of the intellectuality. Allah Says in Qur’an “He who is granted Wisdom, has indeed been blessed with the greatest of gifts”

In this world of ours, not everyone likes everyone else, however, living together is possible, and its increasingly becoming necessary as we realize that the cost of getting rid of people we don’t like is becoming expensive, So A better idea is for different people of different principles and civilization is to learn to live together.

today, technology is drawing peoples of different background too close for comfort, while corrupted politicians and bad economic and political decisions they make every day are forcing many Somalilanders to leave their native towns to seek a safer havens in the west, which is already devastated by financial crisis in addition to a global warming hovering over our heads caused by deforestation, mass production and urbanization.

So, in a conflict of interest, the best way to resolve the conflict is with wisdom, which is the missing ingredient in our government political value-chain pot.

As we know, the value chain that leads to wisdom begins with raw data, then, set of Information, then a Knowledge base, and at the end, a Pure Wisdom.

There is an absence of constitutional governance under the cur­rent government and the voices of the citizens are not listened to. Somaliland is run by a privileged few who do not reflect the interest and views of the majority of the population.

The central government is burdened, very bureaucratic and corrupt.

The current regime exercised to use the mayors and the elected Member of Parliaments as the ruling party’s organ and under the government executive. This will deter us from saving our democracy, which was watered by the sweat and blood of many patriots, long before this group of opportunists stormed the political panorama

Corruption is stifling the social-economic life of ordinary Somalilanders and the sums of money and personalities involved are incredible.

Poverty is choking most ordinary Somalilanders while a few people are basking in the National Wealth due to poor priority setting and institutionalized corruption under the current Government. Corruption is thriving under weak Public Sector Management and Administration.

On the international front, Somaliland lacks a comprehensive foreign policy. The position of the current government on international issues has mainly been reactive rather than proactive. As a result, the Government position with respect to the burning international issues of our time is dictated by expediency and mob psychology. The current Government foreign policy is not proactive as shown by the Government’s agitation against the democratization and diplomatic recognition of the country.

The currently Somaliland foreign policy is disastrous and would soon lead to another reunification if the public don’t wake up and challenge this nightmare foreign policy.

This government seems to be eager and willing to share the same platform with Puntland, Galmudug, Jubbaland and the TGF at every opportunity it gets.

Their hidden agenda has come too materialized to all honest Somalilanders and it is apparent that we are not heading for diplomatic recognition but another dreadful reunification.

God save Somaliland

Abdi Halim M. Musa



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