Somaliland Vs. Somalia: A Reassessment of the Fundamentals

What is to come of the next Somaliland elections? If our good friend, the Somali version of Mr. Ten Percent Man, is to rig the next election and claim presidency through corrupted tactics (similar to Hamid Karzai’s illegitimate victory dance) – what will occur to Somaliland’s stability? As the North struggles to receive acknowledgment via hopeless attempts to render Western recognition, one can conclude countless failed attempts are repetitive expectations amidst Somaliland’s society. Understandably, the current government ascertains to thoughts of attracting Western diplomacy but bowing to Ethiopia’s enmity evokes a sense of national degradation. Ethiopian military officials purchase Ogaden Somali’s residing in Hargeisa through back-door channels; the Northern government is too mentally challenged to sell their souls to the rich devils (West) and instead, we’ve been bought and enslaved by Ethiopia. Thus, what is to occur to our ‘slow’ government if the people’s voice is unheard again?

Fast-forward to the deteriorating situation in Southern Somalia, although a strong sense of hope emerges from hopeless debris -Hope emerges without assistance from the Northern government. While Northern Somalia has become a pit stop for travelling Somali’s and society welcomes Southern brethren; after a few security breaches in the North- Mr. Dahir Riyale threatened to evict all Southern Somali’s from Somaliland. For him and his puppet government, these threats were merely another attempt at being loved by Mr. West. Oh Mr. Western Powers why don’t you love us? Is it because we don’t love ourselves? Could it be because we are currently a puppet of Ms. Ethiopia? Oh Mr. West!

Comical, but seriously true! Seemingly, nonsensical is Somaliland’s current Public Policy Strategy. Hence, let’s return to the electoral situation. In May 2004, we all remember the tragedy that took place in Somaliland. However, Mr. Silaanyo responded with an urgency to avoid all violence due to the example set by our Southern counterparts. So, Mr. Dahir continued with his mission of being without a mission! Therefore, if Mr. Dahir repeats the same strategy of ‘Karzai Politics’, shall we submit to another dictator? Isn’t that what the SNM fought against? Unfortunately, an African in power would rather lose sanity than peacefully lose power. Welcome to African Politics 101.

Mr. Silanyo was recently asked at a Washington D.C gathering the same question that lingers on everyone’s mind: whether or not a probable leader change will be peaceful or not. And he responded with a calm and subtle, ‘we will avoid violence and promote peace’. If the promotion of peace comes at the price of a warring ideology and an illegitimate ruling party, does that not validate the notion that the tenants of peace shall forfeit its priority of being upheld? I’m not promoting war, but merely provoking thought and indulging in an attempt to save our nation. And thus, I’d like to co-relate an aspect of public perspective in regards to the Southern Somalia and Northern Somalia relationship.

Northerners forget that Southern Somalia is still SOMALIA! Different dialects, food preferences and clan jokes but we are all SOMALIAS. However, the deteriorating situation in the South has somehow placed a subconscious mindset amongst Northerners that we are not like THOSE PEOPLE IN THE SOUTH. Similarly, African Americans were told that they couldn’t be like those SAVAGE Africans. In the story of Moses and Pharoah, Pharaoh made it his objective to separate and conquer the Israelites. Somalia is merely a country whose countrymen are too blind to view the ‘separate and conquer’ mechanism fueling separatist’s movements, governments and social ideology.

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Consequently, the disassociation between Northern and Southern Somalis has played-to-the-tune of neighboring state actors who wish nothing less than Somalia’s demise. As Ethiopian troops were entering Somalia via known Northern routes, Somaliland resumed economical ties and business relations with Ethiopia. The concept that we, in the North, can witness the struggle, conflict and ultimate torture of our Southern brethren and still have a devilish sense of non-obligatory duties satisfies ‘Iblis’ and his followers. Mr. Dahirs regime has given innocent Ogedenians, peaceful residents of Hargeisa, over to Ethiopian military troops in addition to threatening to expel Southern Somali’s for Northern security breaches. If this isn’t selling one’s soul to the devil, I don’t know what is.

Regrettably, Mr. Riyales devil has not given his country anything but conflict in returns. One mustn’t expect Somaliland to preserver whilst such a regime is in power. One mustn’t expect society to gradually change for the positive whilst we ignore our fundamental obligation to our brothers in the South. One mustn’t expect social progression through economical successes whilst we trade our own people for dividends. One mustn’t expect a change, unless we first understand in essence- what must be changed. These coming elections will not bring Somaliland anything better unless ideologies are changed, movement objectives are rethought and we realize, recognize, understand and acknowledge that we are in fact- ONE PEOPLE.

Written By: Isahak Ahmed

Views expressed in the opinion articles are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the editorial.


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