Somaliland: The ranks are here at last

The people and the nation of Somaliland joins the security National Armed Forces in celebrating their anniversary, this time round with the special surprise gift, one that was awaited for quite a long time.

The hierarchy system of forces ranking is however, as clearly vivid, something that was indispensable and had to come, whatever time it took.

Apart from being the basic right of the serving personnel, it is also an administrative leadership structure that not only marks categorical status while instilling discipline amongst the ranks, but is also an incentive catalyst of (and for) enhancing performance within the service by individual servicemen to earn (or for) befitting merits.

Now that the system of hierarchy is here with us, we wish the commanders well in their strenuous tasks of disbursing the ranks within their forces.
Congratulations Your Excellency for realizing the dream for the nation.

Congratulations too, the armed forces, for at last earning your rights.


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