Somaliland-Somalia Talks Road Leads to Nowhere?

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

 Somaliland foreign minister Yonis Bihi announced the stalled talks will resume in Turkey very soon, this announcement comes after a minister from Mogadishu said they stipulated the talks to start with Somaliland, of the phrase of independence from the dialogue be removed which sent heart-breaking message to Somalilanders all over the world and presumably returned the talks to square one. Mogadishu based government led by Sheikh Hasan at the mercy of a foreign military protector is thought they became politically mature. Talks meant to discuss ways of amicable disunity since Somalia went belly-up, so instead facing reality sooner than later. They chose to kick the can down the road. But they can’t rewrite history.

 It is obvious Somaliland wants independence and exit from Somalia’s quagmire, so the demand to remove the word of independence from any future talks is pointless.

Before last year, Sheikh Hasan president sleeping in minefield house near the killing-fields of Mogadishu, only miles within the mortar range of Al Shabab woke up of shelling perhaps and uttered “Somaliland is based on sentimentality…,” this rhetoric came as bombshell to thousands of Somalilanders celebrating of their D- day, 18 May of the unilateral declaration of independence that led global isolation on Somaliland and kept the people in state of limbo ever since.  Speech, however, has consequences; can instigate deadly war, so he needs to have sane press secretary— I do not think sane person has been left in the “ black hole anarchy”— to censor his childish utterances.

From Somaliland’s perspective, such irresponsible assertion and indirect territorial sovereignty claims over Somaliland meant declaration of war upon Somaliland and a painful remainder of brutal years they spent together with failed union with Mogadishu brutal dictator.

 Unlike South and North Sudans which agreed on Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which led the separation, Somalia’s delegates go to the talks venue thinking the talks outcome is not internationally binding and they can pick and choose or they can come once they wish or disappear from the scene if they want to, as well.  Such talks at the least in their mind are very much similar to the ones they have with Xeeb Xin region or Puntland in Somalia. And they consider Turkish officials represent none other than themselves or praying as Muslim faithful for the return of Somalia’s delusional unity.

During the current president’s predecessor Sharif Sheikh Hasan, currently formatting his mentality in Boston, MA. USA to stay updated had deal with Kenyan government to demarcate the maritime zone of Somalia once again. He unwittingly signed a deal with Nairobi— annexation of Somalia’s beautiful rich coast to Kenya is not an issue here.  Once asked what is called what he signed “it is not an accord but a memorandum of understanding” he naively uttered.

Somaliland does want inherited border at the time of colonial demarcation be recognized as a nation.

Turkey must forewarn Somalia of the consequences if they fail to oblige the communiqué.  Somalia have sworn in the Quran or others thousand times before but never met! Unless the international community gives ultimatum to Mogadishu so called leaders to oblige and meet accords, the talks will lead us to nowhere because Somalia’s hand-picked folks with Taliban tendencies including the parliament are not God-fearing but of the brutality of the world police.

However; Somaliland considered talks would lead win-win situation and kept dialogue open—still continues to believe so— but had a rude awaking when Somalia Saled Jele-style minister uttered ridiculous remarks.


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