Somaliland: Simple Advice to all Stakeholders!

HARGEISA, 5 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – To the Electoral commission, to the Government, to the Political parties, to the Parliament…………..and, of course, to the mesmerized Citizens!

I have dared to take the pen after I was perplexed by the inhumane, shameful, uncivilized and endless political turmoil in our country, Somaliland. I don’t want to say much but only to highlight a straightforward solution which we can take ourselves out of the horrible situation we are in, according my logic.

I hope that the concerned stakeholders will reconsider their respective interests and put the national interest on the top of the agenda.

It is easy to point fingers, but it is not my intension to do so, I preferred to catalyze the potentials of the stakeholders if they happen to love their country or continue the ‘dirty game’ if they don’t mind.

My advice is as follows:

Electoral Commission

It is the decision that you make today which will either destroy what we have been building for the past two decades or take us forward. You are small in number, only 7, and we have been proud of you to held free and fair election and still we believe in you but you are running out of time. Please act before it is too late. It is you who are supposed to pull the parties together and find common ground; it is you who are supposed to convince and persuade others… is shameful to see you taking sides, dividing yourselves into 3 to 4! Hey if you can’t win the battle just give up. But I am sure you can win but only missing one thing, the unity.

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Let personal interests fade away, let party interests die and let the national interest took the lead! Today we see how bad things seem but in the face of despair you can create hope, in the face of doubt you can clear the air. Come together, discuss the issue and decide the best way forward. Call the parties before you talk to the media about what you have discussed, consult with them and convince them with openness, sacrifice extra hours if needed. But if you say we have decided so and so and sit aside……….guess what? The “game” continues and the time slips away. Then we find ourselves deep in a trouble which we have deliberately let to get worse and worse!

All eyes are on you! And time will tell what you have done to a nation which you had the chance to lead. But we the people will promise only one thing, to remember what you have done……….good or bad? The ball is in your court!!!!

May Allah take us to the right path…. The other parts are coming soon.

Jama Ismail Noor,

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