Somaliland seeks official apology from brothers of Somalia for the atrocities and genocide

Euphemism writing here explores deeply what happened to the nation of Somaliland short after the great amalgamation of Somalia and the Somaliland unforgettable leading role for that unification, without condition enthusiastically the republic of former British protectorates of Somaliland determined hastily to join the other former Italian republic of Somalia short after independence, that was obviously union of two states that historically from diverse backgrounds and different dialect Somali speaking governments, and also English and Italian speaking nations.

As international communities witnessed that marriage of been come about in 1960s between Somali former Italian colony and also the former British Somaliland protectorates, but somehow international communities are not interested in to give further attention of recognition for Somaliland Government for period of twenty one years. Because politically natural barriers believed to be existed for every particular administrations that Somaliland expected the humanitarian support of recognition and other supports of developments in order to extinct poverty, terrorism, piracy that Africa wobbling nowadays to guarantee the regional and international security of the world.

Somaliland people have good reasons to raise these issues to take full independence from the previous marriage of their brothers of Southern Somalia when neutrally examine profoundly the extreme and serious genocides took place in Northern or Somaliland for the hands and the responsibility of the former regime or reign of that year, that destroyed it’s people in brutal and inhuman process of operations with in mass killing that resulted over 1 million deaths as Somaliland watchdog and crime historian agency mentioned or registered in Somaliland now

The voice of the citizen does not intend/mean to wake up or create new vendetta or point fingers out towards specific tribes or individuals directly involved in undisclosed atrocities against innocent people of women, children, elderly people and extra , but only identify here the scale of the catastrophic massacre happened there in 1980s. For little picture of those situations of cruel, mass killing were the executions of the most courageous army commanders for pretexts of assassination mission for the name of command refusing and similar nonsense issues, Scholars and business people sentenced death and have been executed for the propose of extermination mission and extinction plan, but the program did not go as planned quite successfully, because there is saying (man proposes and god disposes). There were also very severe bombardment of the ground and air both for the civilian people of Somaliland, in those above mentioned years, war planes and artillery shelling daily hit hardly to the main cities turned the cities into slaughter house of unmerciful killing with unarmed civilians which resulted enormous displacement and forced the population to vacate out of their cities, properties and as well as their loved weak elderly ones who might not able to walk totally or run the serious activities of indiscriminately killing widely operating there.

Somaliland people is neither going to revenge nor feel hostility of those responsible all these lost of lives or difficulties and atrocities took place in the past. But want respectfully a mature and sensible talks with Somalia to accept all problems Somaliland believe in that no sorry has not been officially said so far since by Somali republic, in order to move on and resolve matter in way of Reliable, trustworthy, friendly, flexible and consistent, it is more important Somalia must give a great consideration and priority in the past and present for demand and complaints as well.

The question that needs to be answered here is who Somaliland will speak to for in the past and in the present issues? If a treatment of that ailment needed to be solved or cured, Somalia must avoid clearly and completely Somaliland nationals hired wrongly to make things worst not to be involved in which will derail talks and make so complicated further more. Let’s keep the ball rolling and continue the active talks in London and Istanbul properly and friendly to progress the current position.

Abdilahi John



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