Somaliland: Recognition or Reunification

From 18 May 1991 when Somaliland announced its independence from the rest of Somalia, numerous achievements have been accomplished. Democracy, economy, security, health, education, infrastructure, trade and other social services have been improved as well.
When the people returned to their homes at the end of the holocaust war between SNM and Somali military government led by Siyad Barre, shelters, schools, hospitals, roads as well as other buildings in major Somaliland cities were completely destroyed. Everything was started from bottom.
Security strengthening has been given the first priority because Somaliland located in unstable region. Police, military, courts, police stations, jails and all relevant branches were set up. Soon the government managed to stabilize and maintain peace in the majority of the country.
Even though most of the educational facilities were missing, the students were taught under trees by using empty milk cans as chairs. The education improved day after day; at the moment there are countless schools and universities. There are also tangible improvements in health and infrastructure.
Somaliland held several free and fair elections which many nations have failed to hold successfully. All in all Somaliland built good governance and showed the world that it is ready to fulfill any condition which can be a barrier in order to become an independent state recognized by international community.
One year ago, Somaliland started negotiations with the transitional federal government of Somalia, and it is expected that those negotiations will be continuous. Starting talks with Somalia doesn’t mean that Somaliland step down its decision. Somaliland will be an existed independent nation for ever, even though any diplomatic recognition is not achieved. Somaliland has its own constitution, while 97% of its people voted YES during the referendum held in 2001.
This decision doesn’t concern or depend on one person, rather it’s a decision made by whole nation, so any change of this decision won’t be easy. Somaliland will attain its goal one day and they are ready to be patient even if it lasts centuries.
Near future Somaliland will be a member of UN, AU, IGAD, Arab League and all other national, international and intergovernmental unions and institutions. Somaliland has precise vision which has no ambiguity. There is nowhere to return, in other words any reunification is not possible.
Last but not least let me quote one of the most valuable speech addressed by the former foreign minister of Somaliland Dr. Edna Adam Ismail. She said “The people of Somaliland have no intention of reuniting with that failed state (Somalia). And who in their right minds would want to unite with Alshabab, pirates, terrorists and warlords. It cannot happen, it will not happen, it must not happen because that will be a loss to the international community”
Muhumed Mohamed M. Baadil (Khadar)


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