Somaliland: Police in Las Anod Arrest 2 Suspects Involved In the Murder of Prominent Mufti in Garowe

Somaliland security forces in Las Anod have apprehended two suspects involved in the recent killing of a prominent religious man in Garowe capital of neighboring Puntland.

The Deputy Commanding Officer of Police for Sool Region Captain Abdillahi Said Guled speaking during a press conference he said “Somaliland security forces holding two men in custody since yesterday night after were caught them as they were about to board a rented car in the southern suburbs of Las Anod en route to Hargeisa.

“One of the two men we have in our custody is believed to be directly involved in the last week murder of the late Sheik Abdikedir Nur Farah (Gacamay) while his accomplice had facilitated his escape, stated Captain Abdillahi.

The Two Suspects involved in the murder of the Sheik Abdikedir Nur Farah (Gacamay) have been transferred to Hargeisa criminal investigation department headquarters and will be arranged in court soon.

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