Somaliland: Our MPs are Out of Touch & Over Paid

As a Somalilander, in the diaspora living in the UK we, are dismayed and extremely angry with the fact that Somaliland elected representatives are abusing their position by not carrying out public duties on behalf of their constituencies.  There are growing concerns that our members of Somaliland member are failing their obligations, as respected legislators.

To make matter worst they get paid huge wages without doing any work most of them failed, to attend important meetings in the Chamber, some whom were expelled, from the House.  Somali lander, abroad and worldwide are deeply uneasy about this issue our law makers, have no regard for their electorate that put them into power. Somaliland M.P’s have no idea the damage they’re, causing to democracy and the rule of law, the fact the very people supposed  to protect and safe guard their people are abusing the trust of their constituency.

Instead they chosen to rent an expensive hotels in the Capital, Hargeisa and have no desire to go back to  their districts, and regions, to help and serve their constituency needs, currently facing high unemployment,  and skyrocketted, food prices  by a unscrupulous and cruel food importers.

At times like this Somaliland citizens needs their elected reprensentatives on their side, working for them to air their concerns.

Somaliland M. P’s needs to understand what they doing is wrong morally, and politically wrong.  It is also undemocratic, unislamic   because they are not acting  in good   faith this is unprecedented national scandals,  We know the Chairman’s of the Houses of parliaments get paid enormous salary which is beyond comprehension, Sulaymen Gaal gets $8000 dollar a month, Abdirahman Cirro get paid $6000 for  traveling back and forth abroad.

Somaliland citizens deserves  and expect better  services from their elected legislators,  if this kind of behavior continues it will  have serious consequences for  our request for international Aid and recognition, because our legislators, are not implementing  the due process and as a result neglecting their impoverished tiny unrecognized  nation.  A typical African mindset,   treat yourself and put your self-interest before their people.

How disgraceful   except one or two M.P’s like Ali  MP Marehan  and  Wabeeye  who single handedly tried their up most  best to pay regularly keep in touch and  visit   their constituencies in Burao And Odweyne  to meet up local people  by engaging with them and discussing current issues.

As for president Ahmed Siilanyo a great advocate of  accountability and always campaigned  equality,  transparency  and standing   up for the poor  and not for the few rich,  we don’t believe that  president  Ahmed Siilanyo is at all happy with this waste of tax payers money.

The recent political turmoil and squabbling within Somaliland parliament is a true reflection of their incompetent, out of touch with the political, and social reality, the country is encountering.    May   i, remind once again our MPS,   that they should respect the trust and confidence of their voters.

In conclusion the fact is that public support and confidence is very low among our legislators,  simply because they don’t serve a purpose any more except to fill up their own pocket  by selling their vote in parliament  without any regard for democracy  and the rule of law.   And the sad thing is that political tribalism is coming back a live and very active.

By: Ali A, Ismail Dheeg    Burco Somaliland



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