Somaliland: An Open Letter to the Minister of Education, Marwo Samsam Abdi Aden

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Secondary Education in Somaliland is at Risk.

We all know that education is very important for everyone in this world and what determines one’s development and dignity is how much effective knowledge he or she has and how he or she can apply. Education is the best weapon that can eliminate poverty, corruption, wars, tribalism and backwardness. Our creator, ALLAH has mentioned in the holly Quran that an educated person and ignorant man can never be the same. They are absolutely as different as chalk and cheese.

Purpose of The Article

To come directly into my topic, to become a secondary educated qualified student requires balance between the social studies and science. In Somaliland there were complete compulsory courses and all secondary students used to learn from form one up to form four following ten subjects:












At this current time History, geography and Somali literature have been dropped completely. Have you ever seen a country that prohibits his students to learn their own language? This is what our young students have been done to them when they were denied their rights of studying what they like.

       I remember there was a competition which Somaliland national T.V held last Ramadan. Most contesters failed to answer social questions. To the extent, some could not list the six regions of Somaliland, the children of Prophet Mohamed P.B.U.H and the history of SNM.

Dividing Somaliland secondary education into social and science departments  had brought following negative consequences:

1.    Imbalance of knowledge as we finally get students who know science or social alone instead of both.

2.    Loss of profession: 90% of our secondary students learn science all the years and once they join the universities again 90% of them learn social faculties like economics, accounting, management, marketing, law. Development studies, education and E.T.C.

3.     Lack of universal knowledge: Failureof students to adopt and know what is going on in the world as they lack the subject( history) that enable for them to comprehend the world policies and how things are being managed politically, socially, environmentally and economically.

4.     Drop out students increase: Many students become drop out because in the private schools no social section exists and those who would learn are never allowed to do so because of the pressure from their parents and headmasters of schools who want their children or students to learn only science.

5.    Socio phobia:  in our country learning social studies has become phobia and it is believed that students who learn social studies are said to be the dullest in all the country. There is a phrase that has become very famous and it says “ only tedious students join social studies in form three”.

6.    Low employment opportunities: social teachers had greater chance of being employed when social and science studies were united up to form four. But currently hundreds of social teachers do not have jobs since form three and form four classes in all Somaliland private schools and some governmental schools completely excluded social section.


       From that information we can comprehend that our secondary education is at risk and unless a solution is reached, circumstances will deteriorate. Social education has been massacred so badly. Therefore I am requesting the minister of education and higher studies, MARWO SAMSAM to take positive steps so that our young students can gain both of the knowledge, social and science together.

Prepared by: Abdilahi Ahmed H. Abdi

Masters of Development Studies.

Kampala University



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