Somaliland: Modern surveillance equipment at airport

The Head of the Immigration Department Col. Mohamed Ali Yusuf has unveiled new state of the art surveillance equipment to be used at the Berbera.

The head of Immigration told reporters, “We have finished the training of immigration officials on frontier and immigration management” and added “We have now installed the important Personal Registration and Identification System (PIRS) equipment so as to enhance effectiveness of their work by using the new facilities at the Berbera International airport.”

Col. Mohamed said the new equipment which has been installed at the Berbera international airport has the capability to generate statistics and thus inform on immigration trends, it provides data useful for the immigration.

“This equipment will help us identify and deter would- be terrorist, counterfeiters and will also help as share vital data with the immigration departments of our neighbouring countries I hope the people working at the respective border management offices will increase their efficiency now that we have this equipment installed so as to improve essential migration management services by supporting the upgrade of crucial infrastructure and services at vital ports-of-entry” said Col. Mohamed.

The Mayor of Berbera Cllr. Abdirashid  lauded H.E President  Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) for initiating much needed changes  in all most every governmental department   at the  unveiling of the new equipment.

Goth M Goth


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