Somaliland Might Revoke Twenty NGOs' Permits

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland’s deputy national planning minister, Mr. Ahmed Hashi Abdi told local media in a press conference on Saturday that his administration might revoke the registration of 20 relief organisations in the country after failing to hand in their annual report and financial statement to the government.

Mr. Hashi said under Somaliland law, all NGOs and aid agencies operating in the country are required to hand in their annual financial statement and comply with the Ministry of Planning every financial year.

He added that they issued a notice to more than 60 local and international NGOs operating in the country to hand in their statements of 2009. He said however, twenty of them have not so far responded to their request and might revoke their permits and suspend them from operation unless they hand in by 17th of April 2010.

The twenty agencies in question are; Africa 70, African Educational Trust, Association Of European Parliamentarians For Africa (AWEPA), British Broadcast Corporation [BBC], Education Development Centre (EDC), Comitato Collaborazione Medica (CCM), International Republican Institute (IRI), King’s THET Somaliland Partnership, Islamic Dawah Organisation (IDO), Manhal Foundation, Munasamet Al-dawa Al Islamia (DAWA), Muslim Aid (MA), Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Oxfam Novib, Oxfam GB, Save The Children [SC], Sos Kinderdorf International (SOS Children’s Villages), Transcultural Psychological Organization (TPO), World Vision (WV), and International Aid Service (IAS).
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Under a new law, Somaliland requires every NGO and international development institutions in the country to hand in their statement and annual report for review from the government including tracking of down of funds that often aid agencies claim to have delivered. Often aid agencies either misuse funds or misdirect them and even though Somaliland still remains corrupted, its way of making sure that NGOs are accountable and complying with government’s development programs.

No one knows exactly how many people will be effected if the government suspends the twenty relief organisations.

There is no statement from any of the aid agencies.

Photo: a local NGO, Alliance for Rural Development (ARD) visits one of the local farms (

Somalilandpress, 4 April 2010


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