Somaliland : Leader Holds Talks with American Representatives in Kenya

America Government extended invitation to President Silanyo

Somaliland President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) has met with Representatives of the United States of America government in Kenya, most notable the American Ambassador to Kenya Hon Robert F Codec, the Deputy special representative for Somalia Mr. Brian Philips and USAID Deputy Director Ms. Hodan Hassan.

The two sides discussed issues covering such wide-ranging issues as security, commerce, politics, development, the enhancement of democracy in the horn of Africa and ways to strengthened existing diplomatic ties with America.

President Silanyo gave a brief history of the recent Somaliland past the times under the blood Said Barre regime to the most recent history which touches on the success and hard earned achievements of Somalilanders in the rebuilding of the country after the war and various ways the Institutions of the Government are working to address the challenges that face both Somaliland people and nation as whole.

“Again I want to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment safeguarding peace and security in the horn of Africa, both government and people of Somaliland stand shoulder in shoulder in countering any domestic threat or foreign, this can be seen in our impeccable record in fighting both piracy and terrorism”, said President Silanyo.

President Silanyo also reiterates his government position in engaging in the upcoming talks which are to be held in London between Somaliland and Somalia and which will determine the future status of both countries without compromising upon the sovereignty and integrity of Somaliland Republic he added we are commit to ensuring peace, stability and democracy throughout the Horn of Africa.

The American ambassador to Kenya revealed that the recent recognition by his government of the new Somali government after about two decades without formal relations, by the outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton does not affect earlier engagements with Somaliland government in anyway whatsoever, in fact this a opportunity to renew and enhance future cooperation in the fields of development and the betterment of democratization process in Somaliland and in the horn of Africa.

The Ambassador during the meeting extended an invitation to Somaliland president to visit the USA in the near future so as to meet with the leaders of his country by which the Somaliland accepted.

President Silanyo was flanked by the minister of foreign Affairs and international cooperation Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Omar,minister of national Planning Dr. Sacad Ali Shire and Somaliland ambassador to Kenya Dr. Mahmoud Abdullah Sitar.

The American envoy regurgitated the desires of his government of not only maintain prevalent existing bilateral relations but to strengthen them in the process.

Goth M Goth


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