Somaliland: Is Kulmiye Party More Popular than Ever Before ?

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My fellow citizens of diehard Somalilanders, the long waited KULMIYE Party Conference is due to take place next week after so many delays due to technical and political squabbling within Party senior committee members and grassroots party supporters.


We always anticipated the fact that any Political Party Conference is going to be very controversial and full of exchange of ideas and leadership ambition is …always the main talking point for all democratic Parties.


With Kulmiye leadership challenge has been the number one issue since the formation of Kulmiye Party almost 14 years ago.

Because Kulmiye is a political heavyweight party with hundreds of thousands of supporters inside and outside the country from all walks of life young and old, intellectuals and academics, farmers and ex military chiefs.


It is a fact that Kulmiye Party  is very popular among Somaliland youth, women’s groups and  more importantly the local business and enterprize sector, as well as  amongst traditional elders.   That is why the party faithful  and donors always try to engage and participate in the party’s policy and political structure – which I really respect and admire. This reflects the true values  and ideals of the democratic, grown up politics taking shape in the Horn of Africa.


My overwhelming  and  heartfelt support for the incumbent president Ahmed M.M. Siilanyo  who has done so much for nation building and restoring hope  and confidence for the most disadvantaged in our society.   Especially  among minority groups  in Somaliland. Have a say in the political process!     Everyone inside and outside Somaliland is enthusiastically waiting with excitment about the outcome of Kulmiye Party Conference 20014.




Ali A.  Ismail Dheeg_ Newport-SouthWales/UK


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