Somaliland :Fisheries Minister Attends Conference on Piracy Held in France

Somaliland Minister of Fisheries and Marine resources Hon Abdilahi Jama Osman (Geel-Jire) was among those attending an international conference aimed at problems faced with world seas which was organized by Marine forces of European countries Euro-marine 2 days conference.

The head Somaliland office to France Ali Ismail Hassan was there to receive the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Hon Abdilahi Jama Osman (Geel-Jire) resources upon his arrival in Paris, It is the first time that Somaliland was invited and attended such an international conference.

The subject high on the agenda of the conference was how to evaluate the impact of threat posed by piracy in world seas and how to the combat the ever present danger.

It also focused on preventive measures to be put in place in order to secure the safety of international waters against any risks posed by piracy threats.

Somaliland government is known for being one of the nations in the frontline when it comes to combating piracy and has an important role to play in assisting European marine’s forces in combating the problem.

Somaliland is currently hosting more than a few dozen Prisoners who were caught engaging in piracy related Activities in an ultra-modern jail constructed by the UN Funds.

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