Somaliland: Explosion Kills One Person in Lasanod

Lasanod, 4 February 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Explosion rocks Lasanod as delegations consist of Government ministers and other Somaliland officials are in the city. The explosion which happened near Hamdi hotel where the delegation is staying has left one person dead in the scene.

Sources close to the police told Somalilandpress that the incident could be a suicide attack aimed at the hotel. The person who died in the incident is the one who was carrying out the bomb attack. Other sources said that the person did not know how to use the bomb and it exploded to himself while the police stopped him near the hotel.

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The police have not yet recognized the body which is taken and kept in the hospital for investigation.

Somaliland officials believe that this was a suicide attack and it has Alshabab’s finger prints.

Lasanod witnessed a series of bomb attacks lately. Some Somaliland officials died and others were wounded.

No one claimed the responsibility of the attack but the Minister of Interior told the media that the person who died in the scene was the one who was carrying the explosives. He said they found mobile phones, remote control and other materials in his pocket.


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