Somaliland Bashers: Clean Up Your Mess.

There are numerous individuals and groups who endeavor constantly and tirelessly to undermine the inevitable recognition of Somaliland. These individuals/groups are predominantly from Southern Somalia—the most dangerous place on earth. As rationality commands, these Southerners should have spent their time and energy cleaning up their mess and putting their home in order. Instead, they waste their precious time and energy opposing the inevitable recognition of Somaliland by publishing countless baseless articles; convening hall meetings; attempting to lobby unproductively on the parliaments of their respective country of domicile; becoming excited and energetic whenever they hear the slightest disagreement between Somaliland’s parties; wishing and hoping to witness the demise and destruction of Somaliland. One of his political cartoons, the unbiased, intelligent, and renowned artist in our time, Amir Amir, depicts vividly and succinctly this predicament. Mr. Amir drew a political cartoon portraying a group of Southerners riding a buss on fire while apposing and criticizing Somaliland’s independence. This moving political cartoon demonstrates brilliantly the lack of vision and priority of the Southerners.

Every Somalilander astonishingly wonders why Southerners waste their precious time opposing or criticizing Somaliland when their home becomes a slaughterhouse; when their boys and girls are dying in every minute on the streets of Mogadishu and elsewhere; when murder, rape, hunger, disease, and malnutrition becomes part of their daily living. The answer to this question reflects not only the Southerners’ inability to reshuffle their priorities, but also their loss of vision, which resulted their enduring tribulations and predicaments. Furthermore, this blatant lack of vision and priority generates the inability of the Southerners to create peace in their midst for the last 18 years, let alone to construct a viable and functioning governing system.

Failing and exhausted, Southerners should have spent their time and energy unearthing the secrets and expertise of Somalilanders. Put it bluntly, they should have learned from Somalilanders the means and the measures needed to acquire in order to create peace, stability, tranquility and functioning governing system. Somaliland irrefutably succeeded not only to create a functioning governing system, but the first democratic state in the Horn of Africa: the president of Somaliland is elected by a popular vote; their parliament is elected democratically; there are three contending political parties; there is a free media; their disagreements are resolved peacefully and democratically, not by assassinations, murder and suicide bombings as Southerners. If Southerners failed miserably and painfully to create peace and tranquility, why don’t they learn from Somaliland? The answer to this question demonstrates further not only their lack of vision and priority, but their confusion and bewilderment. That is, they fail to realize the framework and the solutions that Somaliland provides for them.

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We, Somalilanders, feel the pain and the suffering of our brethren, Southerners. There is no one single Somalilander who enjoys the agony of Southerners. However, when one reads an article written by a Southernerer criticizing Somaliland, or encounters such individuals, one wonders what is wrong with our brethren? I say, nothing is wrong with them. They simply lack vision and priority, which creates and reinforces their confusion and bewilderment. Therefore, I would advice every Somalilander to appreciate this horrible reality that our brethren are facing and be patient with them. Whenever you encounter a Southernerer who is criticizing Somaliland, you need to realize that s/he is simply confused, dazed, and desperate.

Ismail Hassan


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