Somaliland and the "TFG mercenaries"

20 Jul 2009 (Somalilandpress) Unfortunately, in all societies you will find political mercenaries and Somaliland is not immune from this affliction. The recent arrest of a fleeing “MP from Somalia ‘s TFG parliament” in Berbera is but one case. But, before I digress let me clarify a couple of points.

First of all, in this case, the term MP is being severely abused. This particular “MP” was neither elected nor did he perform any service to any constituents.

Secondly, the use of “parliament” in this case is another fallacy. This “parliament” is another concoction, formulated overseas. It was not directly elected nor is it democratic, nor has it ever drafted, debated or passed any laws.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly the so-called “Transitional Federal Government” has no jurisdiction over Somaliland , never has and never will.

So, let us return to these mercenaries who are out for their own personal agenda, whether it is for money, ideology, or power. No, not power, because these mercenaries from Somaliland are never given any power, they either become mouthpieces or tokens.

There are many of these mercenaries, there were some in 1991 and there still others in 2009, but they all have one thing in common, sooner or later, they have a strong desire to come back home to Somaliland. I wonder why?

It is a curios thing; off they go to Somalia , either lured by the dollar or some ideology based on the myth of “Greater Somalia”. To be fair, the latter ones have certain beliefs and in some way deserve a modicum of respect, but, they are a minority. The majority are basically for hire. Going back to the curios aspect, almost all of them have either fled Somalia and some were unfortunately murdered there. Better to be beggar in your homeland, than a corpse in a strange land.

Off they go to Somalia , either in Baidoa or Mogadishu , seeking dollars and expecting to made minister, MP’s etc, except what they fail to understand, is that there isn’t and there won’t be for a long time something resembling law and order and a political structure in Somalia .

Even more importantly, they don’t represent the people of Somaliland . They don’t speak for the people of Somaliland , they can’t consult the people of Somaliland , and since they were not elected by the people of Somaliland , they can’t enact any laws. In a so-called “parliament” of over 550 hollow “parliamentarians”, the ones said to be “representing” Somaliland are particularly superfluous.

To these mercenaries, whether they are “dollar seekers” or “ideologues”, here is some free advice; the mirage of “Greater Somalia” has dissipated. These days’ sovereign nations solve issues through dialogue and diplomacy. The union between Somaliland and Somalia has ended. It is time to accept the realities on the ground, Somaliland has reverted to its borders of June 26, 1960 , and it is time for Somalia to get its house in order.

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There are Somalis in Djibouti , Kenya , and Ethiopia and all over the globe. There are cultural, social, economic links between all Somalis, and that will always be the case between Somaliland and Somalia , but a political union, never again. It is a sincere belief that the people of Somaliland have held for the last eighteen years and will continue to do so.


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