Somaliland and the Art of the Possible

Hargeisa, 2 July 2009  – Amazing it is how some of the websites talk about the refusal of Somaliland government to participate at the so-called Washington meeting. It is also clear that most of those websites misunderstood or are just misguided by the declaration of Mr Donald Payne about Somaliland refusal. But my reaction and I believe most of the reactions of all Somaliland lovers are moments of joys and happiness. Yes, we are all proud of our government. Let me explain myself.

The other day I was reading an article written by our honorable Mr. Dalmar kaahin and I remember one the quotation of Mr. Kaahin which says: “And because the hearing is convened in Washington doesn’t mean Somaliland will jump on the wagon to join the meeting.” This is absolutely right. Somaliland came because of the will of its people and we will not surrender our hardly gained freedom because an American congressman invited us to reconcile with the south.

The Somaliland government did the right thing by refusing to participate in this meeting, and our government was just doing his job because it was elected to protect the interest of the Somaliland people and it is not in our interest to lower ourselves and surrender our will because a “congressman” says so. Somaliland answers only to God and to its own people.

It is also clear that Mr. Payne was upset when he said: “If they (Somaliland) want to be isolated I will do all I can to isolate them”.

Too many questions arise here:

Is it the meeting really held in Washington? The United States?

The symbol of the free world? It is true that Mr. Payne represent the voice of the United States government?

How dare a United States congressman is talking about suppressing the will of a given people by “isolating them”?

More questions are asked and more answers come out. Let me try to give an honest picture of what is going on here.

It is clear that the United States will not recognize Somaliland as long as the USA interest is to satisfy the Arab world specially Egypt (Which is the most furious opponent of Somaliland sovereignty) for different economic and political reasons. But this will not discourage us because the feeling of freedom and the notion of statehood are something that the Somaliland people are enjoying for 19 years and only God can remove this will.
We all know that the so called International communities are self interest so do the Somaliland people too.

However in order to fulfill its own interest somebody has to be realistic, the international community has to be realistic, Mr. Payne need to be realistic. How long it will take to the international community to understand that the key for Somalia stability is in Somaliland? How many more billions of dollars they will be wasting for a factious government (TFG) before they realize that they are wrong? The first thing that I leaned in Political Science at the university it that: “Politics is the art of the possible”. Somaliland is not a Possibility, it is a Reality. So if the international community needs to stabilize Somalia they need to see the only reality this region, Somaliland.

Some people (especially Somaliland enemies) believe that the key to Somaliland destruction is to not recognize it internationally but they forgot that Somaliland people survived 19 years of isolation and ignorance of the international community; can Mr. Payne do more than that? I really doubt.

And then what was this meeting all about? What were the purposes and results of this meeting? The answer of this question is nothing, absolutely nothing. It was just a mean for Mr. Payne to show to the congress that he is doing some progress on the Somali nightmare.

This meeting was Mr. Payne’s meeting not the United States government. And we can understand Mr. Payne frustration because he did not realize his personal wishes.

I will advise to Mr. Payne to go back and read the history of the Somaliland people then understand the psychology and what is going on inside the mind of a hard working Somaliland patriot, you may me chocked, probably you will hate him but you will never underestimate him.

God bless the land of my fathers, Somaliland.

Jibril Y. Omar
Kabul, Afghanistan

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