Somalia:Utterly baseless and unfounded allegations; against the President of Somalia.

Ali Khaliif Galeydh who is the member of the parliament of Somalia accused the president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud having link with the outlawed organization of Somalia, Alshabaab.

Mr Galeydh who have had a long political rift with the president of Somalia held repeated press conferences and interviews tarnishing the political reputation of the president stated that the Somali president of Hassan Sheikh was denied to attend or participate international meeting held in Europe, for the reason of suspicious sources unveiled clearly that the president have link with that terrorist organization illegally operates in Somalia for certain period of time in the past, Mr Ali Galeydh claimed that president have contacted the leaders of Alshabaab over the phone and Somali intelligence Agency will have interview with the parliamenterian when he goes back home and also will face imprisonment if unable to prove his accusations against the honourable leader of the country who definitely deserve respect and space of leadership to carry out his duties freely and finely.

The question is? Why Ali Khaliif Galeydh making this kind of very serious comments against the president of the nation who has been elected by his own people of being the right man for the right job, when Ali Khaliif Galeydh was also running to be the president of Somalia at that time with empty hands and unsuccessful and also he campaigned for to be the chairman of the Somali parliament later on, which again Somalis refused him to occupy for that position either. But, unfortunately mr Galeydh failed to be the president of Somalia, because he was not very competent and uncommitted to fulfill the obligations needed for the war-ravaged nation, in which international communities tried all they can to restore the law and order in Somalia and also rebuild the nation on the scratch thorough out infrastructures and governmental capacity, as every thing completely destroyed that makes warlords and outlawed organizations to be the only institutions and rulers exist there previously.

The parliamentarian Ali Khalif Galeydh campaigns for Jubaland state where vendetta against President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud started, as the president attempts to avoid any division occurrence that will disperse the Somali Italian republic of Puntland, Jubaland, Baydhaboland and Hiraanland. However, the hostility and serious accusations Ali Galeydh made against the president are only envious and jealous politics war that damages the whole credibility and reputations of Somali nation, when such comments and baseless and unfounded allegations thorough out only power challenge launches carelessly to kill off or remove only, of course Ali has made huge mistake and disgrace against not only the president, but the complete Somali nation for making such comments and allegations as politician who expects exteme future of the country and the people, even though Ali Khaliif Galeydh considered to be Somalilander rather than Somali, because of root from the former British Protectorate of Somaliland who have direct talks with Somali Italian republic nowadays over business between the two.

When you are politician that tremendous character assassination is absolutely childish and unacceptable at all, if the president of the nation accused of terrorism related issues, there is no rays of hope from Somalia and international communities truly disappointed quite enormously for immature politics of Somali politicians like Ali khalif Galeydh, who totally does not understand the consequences of his accusations against his fellow countryman or politician.
What Ali Galeydh is not aware of is, that universe is only one village now, in which world intelligence organizations share very crucial channels of communications to keep the stability of every angle of the world with open eyes in all times, in order to save the precious lives of human beings and also common interest of the those particular world nations.

If the president of Somalia makes a leadership error towards his decision making that is an other case which Somalis resolve democratically and constitutionally, but unreliable sources of accusing the highest personnel of the nation, is just only act of traitor and puppet conducts of the likes of Ali Khaliif Galeydh who does not see the wider picture of politics and human relations that came to the platform unprepared and unequipped with the right tools needed to lead such nation and country.

Abdilahi Ali Hassan John


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