Somalia:Prof. Abdi Weli Gaas Announces Plans To Run For 2014 Puntland Presidential Elections.

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The former Prime minister of the federal government of Somalia Prof. Abdi Weli Gaas has announced his intentions to run as the next President of the Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region which are due to be held in 2014 during a Press Briefing in the Addis Abba, Ethiopian capital.

The former Prime minister said his decision to run for President in the next Puntland Presidential elections had being influenced by the people of Puntland who feel betrayed by the government of President Abdi Rahman Faroole.

“The people of Puntland are suffering due to blunders of the current government not to mention political and economic decline of the country,’ stated Mr. Abdi Weli Gaas.

President Faroole accused the Mogadishu government of refusing to share power and foreign aid with the regions in line with the country’s federal structure, as well as taking its eye off the fight against al Qaeda-linked Islamist militant.



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