Somalia:Mogadisho folks, stop misconstruing

By: Prof. Abdi A. Jama.

What about if it is you who suggested separation first?.What would happen?!!!!!  Yes……yes….It is us who are determined to get back our sovereign independent state. Not being recognized has nothing to do with you as Mogadisho people as such. It would be the same for you, were you put in our shoes. Had you have the initiative of seceding yourself from Hargeisa, you would not have been able to do so according to international law, unless we agree. However, it happened that Hargeisa  wishes to leave this time,  and has not been recognized so far. So, there is nothing special Mogadisho has for Hargeisa.


Having said that, we should not feel ashamed to ask you for leave. Similarly,  you should not feel  being in a better position or somewhat superior by being asked for that. Simply because, the situation could have been the opposite or reversed. For instance, when Moscow– the head-quarter of former Soviet union –wanted to separate itself from the rest of USSR. It had not done so unilaterally, because it could not had done so from international law perspective. Moscow  had actually reached an agreement with each and every republic of former soviet union. Other-wise, it would not had been possible for Moscow to leave or abandon the rest of the country.


So, it is something normal to do such business with each other, provided that you don’t misconstrue and think that you have some power over us. I know you—Mogadisho people– are very prone to fall in this fallacy. Simply because, I  ,very well,  understand psychology of Mogadisho people and  how they see life. As a student who lived in Mogadisho for five  years, a Mogadisho guy, even in his narrative of every day events, he tells you that someone has been sucked, beaten or got rid of.  They see life as fight in  jungle, every one is trying hard to win unkindly over the rest. This is my judgment or perception of them. I could be wrong. However,  To be fair, we cannot always generalize . To my knowledge, many good mogadisho people are alaways out there.


People with such attitude, can easily misunderstand Somaliland case, not only denying history of the two countries and the union, but also they may assume that such a situation is strength for them and weakness for Somali-land. And this may lead them to reserve what they believe to be a privilege for them, so , we—Somalilanders– would be deprived of rational partner with whom we could do business with. And that is why I wrote this article, at least, for those of them who are educated and free from shackles of Mogadisho culture.


All in all, Hargeisa has nothing special for Mogadisho, and Mogadsiho has nothing special for Hargeisa. It is a normal deal. Yesterday,  union. Today, separation.  Either Mogadisho or Hargeisa could have launched such initiative and the other should respond rationally and responsibly as a reliable partner. If not, the road would be rough apparently for both of us. If , so far, not convinced, ask history how things would end up in such situations.







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