Somalia:Fierce Fighting between Government Forces and Al Shabaab Militants in Bay and Bakol Region

Heavy fighting between the Somalia government forces and Al shabaab militants took place today in the district of Owidiinle in Bay and bakol region of southern Somalia.

Reports indicated that there were at least four dead combatants and unknown numbers of wounded which resulted from the skirmishes.

Unnamed government source point out that elements belonging to Al shabaab launched an ambush on their positions earlier this morning in which they managed to kill three Al Shabaab members.

Al Shabaab sources have also claimed that they have inflicted heavy losses on government forces.

In another new development, the administrator of Isha district in Baidoa region Mr. Aden Hussien Aden (Fargeeto) was killed and two of his son seriously injured when unknown assailants attacked by tossing a hand grenade into the house he was staying with his family.

There is resurgence in the pattern of new attacks in government held areas which were previously captured from Al Shabaab militants.

Goth Mohamed Goth


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