Somalia:Another Top Al Shabaab Defects

Reports from Bay and Bakool region in southern Somalia say a top commander in the Islamic militant group Al Shabaab have defected to the government side due to internal altercations which has engulfed the group in the past last months.


Sheik Mukhtar Roobow aka Abu Mansur is said to be the latest Al shabaab commander is in the process of surrendering to government forces in Bay and Bakool this after another top commander known as Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys gave himself up few days ago.


The commander and his fighters were commandeering more than six technical armed wagons is said to be based in the outskirts of Baidoa and he is expected to surrender shortly to the government side as soon as a deal is reached with government intelligence operatives.


Unconfirmed reports indicated elders from Roobows clan helped broker a deal with the government side although the details of the deal still remain sketchy.


The has been a growing speculations with some suggesting that another top commander of the group Known as Afgani might have been executed of as cracks start to emerge in the echelons of Islamist group.


It’s not clear what is causing the internal wrangles in the most dreaded and feared militant group.



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