Somalia: Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Makes Second Visits to Mogadishu

The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Mr.Bekir Bozdag accompanied by a high level delegation has arrived in Mogadishu, the Somalian capital today.

The Turkish Delegation headed by Deputy PM was received by his Somalian counterpart and also the mini ster of Foreign Affairs Madam Fozia Yusuf Haji Adan at the Aden Cadde International Airport , Turkish official who gave a brief conference there said he was visiting to asses’ ongoing development projects and to renew Turkey’s commitment in Somalia.

This is the second time Turkish Official is visiting Somalia and he is accompanied by businessmen from turkey currently in the country to inspect ongoing development projects been implemented in Somalia which are funded by his country.

During his stay the deputy Prime Minister Mr.Bekir Bozdag will lay the foundation stone to a brand new Academy of Agriculture and research center, he had on his previous visit laid the foundation to a new airport tower, which is to be financed fully by Ankara. He also stated that a new children hospital with a capacity of 100 beds was near its completion in Mogadishu, the facility, which includes education centre, a mosque and a guest house will become the largest children hospital and research centre in East Africa.

Turkish Foreign Policy toward Africa is not only based on economic and trade objectives but also incorporates a comprehensive approach which includes initiating much need development through project assistance.

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