Somalia: 11 troops die in Al Shabab attack in Puntland

Eleven people were killed last night and seven others seriously injured in fresh clashes in Northern Puntland region.

Intense fighting broke out between Puntland Security Forces and militants loyal to Al shabab in Sugurre Village, Bari Province leaving 11 people dead and 7 others are recovering, some from life threatening injuries.

A rescue vehicle belonging to Puntland’ s security agents was bombed by the militia. Five people were reported dead at the scene and two agents died on their way to the Bosaso Hospital.

Al Shabab confirmed the attack via their twitter handle. They tweeted that they attacked a military base outside of Bosaso and killed 30 soldiers while wounding over a dozen more.

Puntland’s security minister, Kahlife Isse Mudan, refutes those claims as he told reporters on Wednesday that 10 government troops were killed when their armed vehicle struck a landmine.

According to early reports from locals, Hiiraan Online learned that the attack that lasted two hours took place in area where the Puntland security agents had a relatively strong hold. 7 security agents were killed in the assault. 4 members of Al shabab were killed in the ambush and seven more injured.

However, despite this recent onset of violence, residents claim the area is calm and security has been beefed up in the region.

An anonymous source from the security agents mentioned that proper measures are being put in place to curb any insecurity issues that may arise in the area.

“Our security has been beefed up in all the area, we are on a higher alert to ensure that no innocent civilian loses life or properties,” Said the Security officer.

“The hide outs of the Militia group is well known to the security force and we shall ensure that they do not attack any other person,” Concluded the source.

The attack came few days after Puntland President, Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud, stated that the militia group after being driven out of Kismayu, Beled Weyne, Afmadow and Baidao went to regroup at Gollis Mountain, northern part of Puntland.

He feared that the militia group could cause more harm and havoc to the residents within Puntland’s major cities.

The president however assured the people of Puntland of their security asking them to be calm and coordinate with the security agents to have a peaceful region, as it has always been.



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