Press Release: Democratisation Programme Steering Committee

(USAID, DfID (UK), EC, Norway, SIDA (Sweden), Denmark, Switzerland)

Nairobi, 31 Jul 2009 (Somalilandpress) — The donors congratulate the Somaliland people on the production of a Voter List on 27 July 2009, which is now ready and available. This represents the culmination of enormous effort by the stakeholders and an important opportunity for the Somaliland people.

The donors recognise that the production of the Voter List, as positively evaluated by an independent U.S. company, provides a credible basis for the holding of free and fair elections. The production of the Voter List is mandated by the relevant Somaliland electoral laws and in line with the consensual agreements between the political parties.
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The donors regret the announcement by the chair of the National Electoral Commission on the BBC Somali Service on 28 July 2009 of an intention to hold the presidential elections without the Voter List, which, if carried forward, would represent a significant loss for the Somaliland people – as well as for Somaliland’s democratisation process.

The donors urge all Somaliland stakeholders to draw on the long-standing Somaliland tradition of consensual decision-making and capacity for leadership in order to reconcile any differences and prepare for the holding of credible, free and fair presidential elections.

Nairobi, 29 July 2009


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