Open letter to H.E President Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti

-“The success or failure of a country is indexed to the performance of its education system”

Mr. Speaker,

Upon arrival in power, we sent, May 19, 1999, a letter to the Minister of National Education of the time as Secretary General of SYNESED in which we expressed in these terms: “Our education system through today one of the most difficult times and the most painful of his life because of a lack of trust between the company and the school. (…). Indeed, the mere Djibouti manifest much contempt vis-à-vis the product quality of our education system “And finally finally we expressed a hope.” We hope that with your arrival, the teaching profession will regain its dignity, prestige and above all trust between teachers and ministry return. “Unfortunately, 15 years after this letter, the state of Djibouti’s education system is in an abysmal abyss and trust between the educational community and the Ministry is more than ever broken.


Mr. Speaker,

The Education International which SYNESED (Union of Teachers colleges and high schools in Djibouti) is affiliated, campaigning for Quality Education in partnership with UNESCO since October 2013. Campaign slogan summarizes essential message “Quality education for a better world.” We are convinced that the construction of a better world and especially a better Djibouti password and go through quality education guarantee a sustainable future of peace and development.


Mr. Speaker,

It turns out that the three (3) pillars of quality education based on teacher (s) quality, quality tools and quality environments.   Unfortunately, our country’s education policy is the opposite of the desired Quality Education in the world. Indeed, the Ministry of Education is striving for a few months with faith to dig the grave of the 1st pillar of a quality education. Moreover, at present more than 5 months after suspension of wages, more than sixty teachers are about to be struck in violation of all administrative procedures and all applicable laws.


Mr. Speaker,

Your function 1 magistrate of the country, guaranteeing text and Head of Government which enforces the status of official (Article 14 of the Statute of Official: The President of the Republic, Head of Government enforces this status)   you can and should stop this drift unprecedented. Many of these teachers are very old. Some of them are close to retirement. Most have always shown a keen awareness of a probity, a sense of duty and indomitable courage, an unfailing integrity, a selfless and impeccable professionalism in the prerogatives their missions.



Mr. Speaker,

It’s really unfortunate that those who were worthy of honors and awards from the Nation as provided for in the Statute of Officer (Article 57: Any action which has demonstrated selflessness, sense of duty, courage, initiative of an official must be a detailed report of his supervisor with special reference to proposals for awards) are treated as vulgar thugs without dignity. This programmed form of “murder” in danger of be the trigger of a state of irreversibility of a civic consciousness already bruised, battered and traumatized by the many injustices and arbitrary affecting lower.   


Mr. Speaker,

This country in general and this particular department still full of men and women of moral integrity constraints, experiences and value who refuse to go beyond certain limits both indecent and harmful to the future of our education system. Aujourd Today, the country, school, teachers, education staff, parents, students, deserve better … and why we say that other choices, another school, another policy are … still possible and we firmly believe. Besides, it’s objectively and independently that we sent to you, thanking you in advance for the attention you would wear to this letter.


Please accept, Mr. President of the Republic, the expression of our highest consideration.


Farah Abdillahi Miguil

Secretary General of SYNESED

Djibouti, April 15, 2014



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