Kulmiye Party's Polacy Of International Human Rights Day 2009 Motto Embrace Diversity // End Discrimination

Hargeysa (Somalilandpress)- Today, the 10th of December 2009 We are commemorating the Historic Occasion of the International Human Rights Day, the first day Governments and states world wide gathered to adopt and sign the First Historic Document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. The adoption of this document had neither been a past time fallacy nor an intellectual folly, but a genuine product of the saddening human experiences observed as awfully unbearable which was meant to prevent the recurrence of the past tragedies driven by the understanding of Human communion of interests and guided by the conscientious duty discharge of collective responsibility, In response to the violations of human rights and underlying philosophies.


Though during 61 years period that have elapsed from that day today, many of the problems that had prompted Human kind on the adoption of the universal declaration had not been over-come and continue to prevail to reign unabated particularly in those parts of the globe our country includes on top the list countries where very little is known about the very concept of Human Rights, very little have ever been done and so much remains to be done beset by many problems, barriers, and obstacles of inherent socio-cultural and latent by virtue of the processes of governance at work of mismanagement, abuses and misrule of along period , which we had been helplessly exposed. To overcome the ill effects and impacts is not an easy matter but requires lifetime efforts and a more phased out period to be satisfactory coped with.


At a time Sound judgment ought to alert human conscience to the urgent calls of responsible leadership in Somaliland to quit the scene or act in time to act when the alarm bells in response to their malpractices still ring sincere in words of respect and honorable gratitude and on the conscientious belief that the root causes of our demarche and travail are deeply embedded in our recent past history. Inept system of governance that our country and people were subject to, whose hangovers are still lingering in the minds, made the standard norm and the yardstick loosing the distinction and demarcation between virtues and vices had ended up in the impasse of the inopportunely bleak times we had been groping through for quite a long period. Kulmiye party takes the decision to avail itself the opportunity, on the historic occasion of the 61st Anniversary of International Human Rights Day 2009 to adopt the following declaration:


In response to the bold challenges putting themselves to fore in this regard, where there are pressing needs, urgent calls for bold initiatives for a start to be made, Kulmiye Party sets itself to shoulder the tasks to take the lead towards addressing cardinal issues pertaining to it. In this regard Kulmiye Party’s Policies shall be governed by the guiding principle of constituting a Modern Society in a Modern Somaliland State with modern institutions founded upon solid democratic Values and ethical standards where the Basic Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms and Liberties of all citizens, at individual and group levels, are upheld guaranteed, strictly observed, fully respected and genuinely protected from usurpations, neglect, abuses, violation without infringement as enshrined in Somaliland Constitution and in full compliance with International Human Rights Standards, conventions, covenants and declarations regulated within an Institutionalized Framework of the Rule of Law.


Kulmiye Party’s Policy programs shall prioritize the protection, preservation, guarantee and promotion of the basic Human Rights and fundamental freedoms of Most vulnerable, often neglected and discriminated but important sections of the Society, including Women, the Children, the Disabled, Minorities, the IDPs, Refugees and the migrant workers and strives for the guarantee of their deserved protection from social discrimination and exclusion from political decision making participation social and economic development rights pursuit on the understanding these issues as the basic pillars and fundamental prerequisites for the development of good governance and democratic society with a participatory regulatory frame work (that occupies a fitting place with deserved status amongst its contemporary nation states at the age of globalization).


Kulmiye Party in support of the current year 2009 Human Rights Motto, has availed itself the opportunity to declare its open policy to combat and struggle to eradicate all ills and evils, in all their forms, that in principle and in practical actions that impede, hinder, infringe, allow the continued persistence or contributes to the prevalence of Human Rights abuses and violations of any citizen rights and any human who happen to be in Somaliland for any peaceful purposes anytime and combat believes and practices that prevent or disillusion the enjoyment and peaceful exercise of such rights.


The Initiation, development, legislation and enforcement of policy programs towards that end and disbanding and repealing laws that are currently in force known to infringe or jeopardize the basic rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens, individually and in groups. This shall be coupled by a programmatic socio-economic and political reform and transformation to address widespread disparity and deep rooted traditions, inequities and inequalities.


Shall enforce the rule of law to combat violations and abuses, corruption and infringement of Human Rights at every level and ensure transparency and accountability and introduce a system of holding perpetrators accountable for misdeeds committed and violations according to acceptable standards whereas victims shall be compensated commensurate for physical injuries and/ or damages on personal dignity.

humar rights

Many Thanks,


Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, Chairman, Kulmiye Party


Source: Somalilandpress


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