Get Cash for Your House and Land in Somaliland

There is a new real estate program being introduced at Somestate (, where properties in Somaliland are being bought for cash.

The program is very simple; we buy your house or land, in its current state, for a cash amount, in the currency of your choice.  We are interested in cities including Hargeisa, Burco and Berbera.

The five steps:

1)      You contact us by email or by phone regarding a specific property  (

2)      We ask you how much you are willing to sell it for and how urgent

3)      You show us ownership documents and proofs

4)      We send our representatives to review the property and accept/reject or give you a counter offer.

5)      If the deal is successful, we sign all the required documents, and pay you your money

Benefits of working with us:

1)      You can make a quick sale hassle free

2)      You don’t have to travel back and forth to Somaliland to sell your properties

3)      You get cash for your property in the currency of your choice (USD, CAD, GBP, etc). Restrictions apply.

4)      If we do not buy your property, we will try to work with you to find alternative solutions

If you have a property you want to sell or know someone who does, do let us know.  Feel free to read our latest articles on buying and selling properties from various angles:

Faysal, B.Eng, MASc

Somestate Team


Who Are We: We are Somestate, a Somali owned Real Estate organization, specializing in property advertisement and sales in East Africa.  Somestate has created an innovative online real estate platform to advertise your property for FREE



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