Berbera Port Authorities Denies Involving Hijack Ship

Somalilandpress received a press release issued on the 28th of January of 2010 from Mr Bile Hersi, the Deputy General Manager of the port of Berbera, distancing themselves from the legal dispute regarding the stranded cargo ship, MV Layla-S, in the port of Berbera. Bile states a wealthy businessman wants compensation for merchandise worth $250, 000 destroyed in the Mariam Star fire.

He states:
We the Berbera port authority with dismay received a propaganda concerning with MV Layla from some websites.

The above vessel has been accused by one of the merchants (OMINCO) who his belongings burnt cargo on board her sister ship M/V Mariam Star.

On September 15, 2009 the MV Laila was detained by the local court Berbera after it was (M/V Laila) accused by the merchant for goods estimated $250,000.

There fore the question of being hijacked is null and void. the case is under High Courts.
The owner of both vessels, the burnt one and the other one is aware of his where-about of his vessels.

Bille Hirsi Eid
Deputy Geneal Manager of Berbera port


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